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An ancient tradition

Hotel Veneto Palace is located in the area, once, known as Villa Ludovisi ,a park desired in 1622 by cardinal Ludovico Ludovisi, nephew of Gregorio XV whose buildings were designed by Domenichino. In 1883 the Boncompagni Ludovisi family subdivided the entire property. Located right where the Hotel stands was the famous "Labirinto di Statue" with avenues decorated with 80 statues and reliefs, riches which partly are now exhibited at Museo Nazionale Romano delle Terme di Diocleziano
A large part of the area's reconstruction was entrusted to the esteemed architect Gaetano Koch s well as having designed Palazzo Margherita was the owner of part of the block where the Hotel is located. The construction date of the actual hotel dates back to 1889, the shield above the corner of Via Piemonte and Via Boncompagni is testimony to it. In April of 1962 the Hotel Veneto was officially created, when Dr. Fulvio Mencucci, host of Roman hospitality with his renowned experience and high professionalism, invested in this building that would become in its entirety an elegant 4 star hotel.
In 2004 his children, due to his premature death, took over the management of the hotel, immediately renovating the furniture recovering the building's architecture and ceilings leading to completion of the work in 2011. Always attentive to the details they are carrying on their father's mission, trying to keep alive his concept of welcoming and taking care of guests, based on a professional approach, personalized and family at the same time, also endorsed by the hotel's entire Team who are proud to make the guests feel WELCOME.

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