For a sweet and pleasant re-awakening in the centre of Rome.

Find out the rich breakfast of the Hotel Veneto Palace.

The Hotel Veneto Palace is glad to serve a rich American buffet breakfast on the ground floor.
The breakfast is served every morning from 7AM to 10AM with several proposal of food.

Classic Italian breakfast with cappuccino and espresso coffee, American coffee, fresh milk, sweets of various kinds such as homemade cakes and pies, 10 different flavors of croissants, biscuits, jams, yogurt, cereals, rusks, bread, comb honey, seasonal fruit, fruit in syrup, flavored waters, fruit juices.

American breakfast with savory dishes, such as cold cuts, cheese, scrambled eggs, bacon, bratwurst, beans, cherry tomatoes.

For guests who love organic products, we have recently added the health food corner with a selection of dried fruit, goji berries, tamarah dates, exotic mixture, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, Chia seeds, decorticated toasted oat flakes, soy and rice milk. Gluten free products available.

For the connoisseurs of organic tea there is the herbal infusion corner, with a selection of the finest blends from the English breakfast tea to the oriental blends of China Jasmin.

A special vegan and vegetarian breakfast is also served on request.