Equipped gym, with a breathtaking view of the Rome city center.

BeFit, the Hotel Veneto Palace's gym in the center of Rome.

The Hotel Veneto Palace host the BeFit gym located on the top floor of the building. The gym offers a breathtaking view of Rome enjoyable during your training.
It is equipped with all the professional equipment for keeping fit like treadmill, chest press & pull down and many more; towels are also provided.
The Hotel Veneto Palace can organize massages in room on request. For a real relax break during your stay you may choose between the following treatments:

• Ayurvedic massage: it gives a good mood through the stimulation of the "marma", energy points of maximum vitality located along the meridians path).
• Deep massage: this massage eliminates tension from the muscles and has a toning and energizing effect.
• Drain massage: a gentle massage that stimulates the lymphatic system, relaxes and revitalizes, through a series of slow movements.
• Energy massage: energetic and fast movements with which the treatment is carried out energize the mind and the body at the same time.
• Relaxing massage: the best choice to relieve tension and regain energy, perfect for stimulating circulation, relaxing muscles and calming the body and the mind.

Ask to our staff to reserve your massage in room!